Record Label + Artist Development

ppl pleaser. is a record label + artist development group based out of Los Angeles. With over 20 years of experience, we have an extensive network of industry professionals who we collaborate with in order to provide high quality services to our artists and clients.

What We Do

Artist Development

Artist Development is the process in discovering your sound to build a successful career. This will include music, songwriting, branding, live performance, music videos, marketing and social media. Finding what makes an artist great will be the forefront to any emerging artist in becoming a legacy.

Music Production

Music production has evolved into a role that expands outside of the actual creation process. We work with the full scope and vision in mind; including helping guide the creative process while not losing the integrity of your art, goal and product.

Creative Direction

A creative director is a visionary leader who oversees the holistic vision and aesthetic of a project, ensuring consistency in theme and style throughout. They are responsible for managing the entire creative process, from conception to completion, and provide guidance and direction for the team of professionals.

Public Relations

Public Relations is a pivotal tool for artists. Beyond exposing you to your target audience, PR also helps develop your story. Every one has one, but making sure that yours is told in a way that resonates with your audience is key. We have the tools to develop your EPK, press outreach approach and the overall voice of your brand.

Web + Graphic Design

Web and Graphic design are a vital part of any artists career. From the album art to your digital presence, we have the resources to develop coherent branding that will showcase who you are as an artist. Ranging from your official artists’ website to your social media profiles, we dive into the era and deliver a branded rollout.

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